The Boma App is owned and operated by Boma Digital Limited, Registered Company number 11865234.


Protecting your privacy as a user of the App is of paramount importance to us. We strive to keep all information relating to you confidential in accordance with this statement.

Boma Digital Limited is opposed to the increasing use of data to monitor and manipulate society. We consider it to be an invasion of our privacy in an increasingly commercially dominated world. Each person who gives us information about yourself ("Personal Data"), can be confident we see you as a creative individual, who has joined the community, and that we will adhere to the conditions as set out in this policy with regard to keeping your personal information private.

As part of the normal operation of our app services we are striving to maintain anonymity and are not directly collecting any Personal Data. There is no registration or identification by us when you download the App and we have done everything we can to limit and remove the analytics and data harvesting of the IOS and Android platforms.

We will be happy to answer any enquiries from you regarding this Privacy Statement, the Personal Data we hold about you or the use we make of it. If you have any queries or comments, or wish to correct, update, amend or remove any information we hold about you, drop us a line on [email protected].


We do not automatically collect any Personal Data about you.

Anonymous Data. The App may automatically collect information about visits, use and aggregate patterns anonymously. Information collected in this way does not reveal your identity or any type of Personal Data. This information is only used in aggregate form to analyse, manage and develop the App and is not linked to any individual.

Should you voluntarily provide Personal Data, such as contact information, via the "Feedback" form of the App, we may use this to contact you.


We aim to use the app to reach out to the community to offer information, news, updates, and opt in choices for the user. We will not mine data in order to target market to individuals.

From time to time, we may use the message and notification functions of the App to let you know about other services, initiatives, products, and news about a festival and related community activities.


Third parties are employed to manage and develop the app and any data on our behalf. They will be required to adhere to this privacy statement. Any data or information gathered will only be available to a trusted group. We will not knowingly, where and when avoidable, give any details to any other third party, for any reason other than is stated here.

We reserve the right to share the Data we collect with the festivals we work with, they are required to adhere to this privacy statement.

Anonymous Data generated through The App may be passed to academic researchers for the purposes of research into the use of mobile technologies in festival environments. We will never pass Personal Data to academics under any circumstances. Any academic researchers will be required to adhere to this privacy statement.

We reserve the right to access and disclose any and all of the limited data we hold to comply with applicable laws and lawful government requests or requests by the police investigating suspected illegal activities, to operate our systems properly or to protect ourselves or other App users. We also reserve the right to disclose Personal Data to third parties if a complaint arises concerning your use of the App, and that use is deemed by us to be inconsistent with these Conditions. However, we will ensure that any such request is necessary and proportionate.


If the App is sold to or merges with, or if our business is sold to, merges with or enters a joint venture with another company not owned by Boma Digital Limited, you should expect that some, or all, of the limited aggregate data from the App may be transferred to the buyer/surviving company.

In this incredibly unlikely event, we will either (a) obligate the other company to use any data transferred by the App in a manner consistent with this statement, or (b) retain the data. In the event of bankruptcy, we will either (a) destroy the data, or (b) request permission that the data be passed to a third party.


This Privacy Statement is subject to change at any time. We encourage you to review the Privacy Statement regularly for any changes. We will use general aggregate Data and any limited Personal Data in accordance with the Privacy Statement under which it was collected.

We welcome your questions and comments about privacy issues and the design of the App. Should you have any comments or a complaint about how we are using your Personal Data, please drop us a line at [email protected]